Liveability in Numbers

By Ng Kar Yong, Yap Jo-Yee

December 2020 STATISTICS
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Income and DistributionOf the five districts in Penang, the southwest (BD), north Seberang Perai (SPU) and central Seberang Perai (SPT) districts experienced higher income inequality in 2019. The northeast district (TL) saw the biggest improvement in its Gini coefficient,1 dropping from its highest at 0.377 in 2016 to the second-lowest at 0.356 in 2019 (Figure 1). This is explained by the increase in medium-income households and the corresponding income share in the district.Meanwhile, the highest Gini coefficient was found in...

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Ng Kar Yong

is a statistician at Penang Institute who loves art and nature.

Yap Jo-Yee

is a research analyst at Penang Institute whose interests range from development issues to behavioural economics. Her latest goal is to use ggplot2 without Google’s help.