What is it Like Living in Penang’s Southwest?

By Jonathan Thong

December 2020 COVER STORY
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“LIVEABILITY” is quite a buzzword these days. But what does it mean really when we say that a city is liveable? What factors come into play? Generally, this covers the usual suspects of: access to education, health and safety; economic prosperity; the ease of getting around; and the availability of recreational facilities.Penang Island’s northeast district is usually targeted for benchmarking against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), specifically in the areas of Pulau Tikus, Tanjung Tokong and Tanjung Bungah.In George...

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Jonathan Thong

is a funemployed individual who has recently made the move back to Penang from Melbourne. You can catch more of him on his podcast, the KC and JonJon show, available on all popular streaming networks like Spotify and Apple Play.