Covid-19: Knowing the Instruments of Household Hygiene

By Drs. Chan Siok Yee, Tan Jun Jie, Shangeetha Ganesan

August 2020 VOICES OF USM
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A VIRUS, often measuring one nanometre in size, is invisible under a common light microscope, to say nothing of the naked eye.Each virus is unique but relies on living cells to host its reproduction. This is achieved using a lock-and-key mechanism, e.g. the virus functions as a “key” that unpicks the “lock” that is the surface of the host cell. Upon gaining entry, the virus either takes over and makes use of the host cell’s resources to replicate, or it...

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Drs. Chan Siok Yee

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Tan Jun Jie

Advanced Medical Dental Institute

Shangeetha Ganesan

School of Chemical Sciences