The Japanese Surrender in Penang

By Enzo Sim

August 2020 LEST WE FORGET
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Imperial Japanese Navy Rear Admiral Jisaku Uozomi signs the surrender documents onboard HMS Nelson as the Admiral's Chief of Staff, Captain Hidaka and Japanese Governor of Penang, Lieutenant General Shinohara Seiichiro watches.
IN LATE 1944 as the Allied forces, spearheaded by British Commonwealth troops, were launching a major offensive against Japanese-occupied Burma, an equally significant military plan aimed at retaking Malaya and Singapore by force was simultaneously being drawn up by the Allied Southeast Asia Command (SEAC).1 Codenamed Operation Zipper, the original plan was to begin with an attack on Phuket Island where two forward airbases would be established to enable the Royal Air Force to regain air superiority over Malayan airspace....

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Enzo Sim

is a Mass Communications graduate who has an unwavering passion towards international relations, history and regional affairs of Southeast Asia. His passion has brought him to different Southeast Asian capitals to explore the diverse cultural intricacies within the region.