Millennials Surviving the Quarantine

By Ernest Mah Herh Sun

July 2020 FEATURE
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As part of the team, Shamesh is in charge of managing and observing Covid-19 patients in the ward.
MILLENNIALS ARE FINDING themselves under unusual circumstances these days, as they navigate the indelible changes that Covid-19 has introduced into their lives. For some, this entails getting accustomed to new working or studying conditions; for others, it is about reassessing and learning to maintain relationships.Penang Monthly speaks to four millennials to understand how their lives have been impacted by the Movement Control Order (MCO), as well as their takeaways from the pandemic.Man on a Mission“There’s something about being able to...

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Ernest Mah Herh Sun

is currently pursuing his Master’s in English Language Studies at Universiti Malaya. A member of the varsity debating team, he loves singing, enjoys speaking and writing, and dreams of becoming the Malaysian Ryan Seacrest.