Students Make Do in the School of Covid-19

By Aliya Abd Rahim, Noorhasyilah Rosli

July 2020 FEATURE
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MALAYSIA’S EDUCATION SECTOR is embracing e-learning, but this adoption also brings to the fore the nation’s entrenched socioeconomic divide. Online learning in government schools has always been vague in nature; and with necessities like water and electricity supply still not available in certain parts of the country, how can one expect a stable internet connection as a given?Stepping Up the TeachingNorazrina Osman, an English teacher from SK Kebun Sireh, Bukit Mertajam, who has been an educator for almost two decades,...

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Aliya Abd Rahim

is (racially) a fusion of "sambal belacan" and "tandoori". She enjoys photography and is a Star Wars enthusiast. Like any other final year student, she hopes to attend the (hopefully not called off) 58th USM convocation this year.

Noorhasyilah Rosli

is living her life freely and spends a large portion of her time eating. She'll do the same in the next life.