Nature Breathes Better as Covid-19 Keeps Humans Indoors

By Nursyazana Khidir Neoh

June 2020 FEATURE
main image
A puma exploring the streets of Santiago before it was captured and taken to the zoo. Photo: The Straits Times.
THE YEAR 2020 started off with a bang and with the promise of many good things to come. But in January bushfires ravaged Australia and concomitantly, Covid-19 was beginning to make its presence felt outside of Wuhan, China where the deadly virus was first discovered. By March 11, the World Health Organization had declared it a pandemic – it has since claimed 252,366 lives, while 3,644,840 people worldwide are confirmed Covid-19 carriers (as of May 5).The Himalayas is now visible...

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Nursyazana Khidir Neoh

is a forestry graduate from the University Malaysia Sabah.