Covid-19 and the Rohingya: Staying Home when One is Homeless

By Braema Mathi

June 2020 FEATURE
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MALAYSIA’S RESPONSE TO the refugee crisis amid the global Covid-19 pandemic has drawn sharp criticism, both on the national and international front. On April 16 the country made headlines when the Royal Malaysian Navy turned away a boat carrying 200 Rohingya men, women and children; the boat is still reportedly adrift at sea. Earlier in April, over 200 refugees believed to be Rohingyas, fled from either the refugee camps in Bangladesh or the resettlement sites in the Rakhine Province of...

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Braema Mathi

is a visiting senior research fellow at Penang Institute. She is from Singapore and she loves the hills, the rivers and trekking – all of which are plentiful in Penang.