Amazingly Van-tastic

By Sarah Daniel Jacob

main image
Lily Looi and Peter Teoh.
THE IDEA FOR Amazing Van, a transportation service for wheelchair users, was conceived in 2012 by long-time pals Peter Teoh and Lily Looi, to fulfill Peter’s dream to institutionalise helping wheelchair users move around Penang. The friends first met at Cheshire Home; Peter was born with cerebral palsy, making speech difficult and mobility somewhat restrictive, while Lily is a wheelchair-bound polio survivor. For a living, Peter sold padlocks, hand phones and beverages at Lorong Kulit before saving enough to purchase...

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Sarah Daniel Jacob

is a social media ethnographer who loves coffee, Star Wars, floorball and tennis. But ultimately, her passion for writing and comedy is undeniable. She’s basically a grammar nazi who loves making people laugh.