Ramadan in the Time of Covid-19

By Aliya Abd Rahim

May 2020 FEATURE
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THE SPREAD of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 has brought the world’s social and economic movements to a temporary halt. At the time of writing, Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) has just been extended a second time, till April 28. This means that the social distancing measure covers the start of the fasting month, Ramadan. The traditions of Ramadan centre around Iftar gatherings, congregational Tarawih prayers and especially, food bazaars. Penang Monthly takes a look at how the MCO affects the...

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Aliya Abd Rahim

is (racially) a fusion of "sambal belacan" and "tandoori". She enjoys photography and is a Star Wars enthusiast. Like any other final year student, she hopes to attend the (hopefully not called off) 58th USM convocation this year.