Covid-19 Exclusives: Journalists are Also Essential Workers During Times of Crisis

By Izzuddin Ramli

May 2020 FEATURE
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"This is a new situation for all of us – being on the streets, reporting on an unknown and an unseen enemy,” says Zaim.
EVER SINCE THE World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, Zaim Aiman Ibrahim, a Penang-based journalist for The Malaysian Insight, has found himself stopped at an increasing number of police roadblocks – both in Penang Island and on the mainland – when on his way to meet with informants (and keeping to the practice of social distancing), many of whom are government officials and healthcare workers. He has been tasked to report on how the deadly virus has...

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Izzuddin Ramli

is a Kelantanese analyst at Penang Institute. He is a writer who seeks refuge in Penang, and agrees with Rumi that the Earth is not our home, we are just passing through.