Penang’s Fisheries Industry in Numbers

By Negin Vaghefi

September 2019 STATISTICS
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For many years, the fisheries sector in Penang has played an important role in poverty reduction, as well as in achieving food security. Although fisheries contribute only 11.5% to the GDP of the agriculture sector and less than 1% to the national GDP,1 it is still an important component of agriculture and the economy of the country.In 2017 Penang’s food fish sector, which consists of marine capture fisheries, aquaculture fisheries and inland fisheries, produced 96,970.4 metric tonnes, valued at RM1.4bil....

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Negin Vaghefi

is a senior analyst at Penang Institute. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics. Her research interests include agri-environmental economics, climate change, green economics, poverty and income inequality, and policy analysis.