Only Aquaculture Can Make Seafood Production Sustainable

By Annette Jaya Ram

September 2019 FEATURE
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International students attending summer course at CEMACS. This was their field trip to the oyster culture farm. With them is Pak Su, the owner of the oyster culture farm at Sg. Merbok.
Malaysia is ranked sixth in the world for highest fish consumption.1 No surprise there – fish are, after all, a great source of dietary protein and healthy fats, along with vitamins and minerals.Most seafood comes from wild-caught fisheries. The downside to this is the depletion of fish stocks all over the world through over-exploitation. The aquaculture sector will come to play a crucial role if this trend is to be corrected. Future predictions based on data projections indicate a heavier...

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Annette Jaya Ram

Dr. Annette Jaya Ram is a lecturer and deputy director of the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies, USM. She is studying mariculture of mud crabs; currently working on best ways to culture them to reduce dependence on harvesting mud crabs from the wild.