Relau House – A Sino-Venetian Bungalow That Still Exudes Pride of Its Time and Place

By Wong Yee Tuan

main image
Front view of Relau House.
Relau, once an agricultural area in the south-western district of Penang Island, is today a large modern residential estate. Vestiges of its past linger on though, most notably in the almost century-old Relau House. This was built by Chung Thye Phin (鄭大平), a tin mining and planting tycoon.While lack of care and maintenance has left the manor in a dilapidated state, the structural remnants reveal the signs of the original beauty and grandeur of the house, which once stood imposingly...

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Wong Yee Tuan

is Fellow and Head of Penang Institute’s History and Heritage Programme. He hails from Malim Nawar and has profound research interest in the history of Penang.