A Peek into Penang’s Chinese Calligraphy Scene

By Nicole Chang

April 2019 FEATURE
main image
Seal script in rubbings (“帖”) that precisely trace the strokes of the inscription in white against a black background.
Lok Pin San.Chinese art took root in Penang generations ago, with artists from China interacting with local artists and art enthusiasts during their visits here.“At that time, Penang was the first stop for Chinese travellers – including artists and calligraphers from China or Taiwan,” says Lok Pin San, president of the Calligraphy Association of Penang.In 1929 the Nanyang Calligraphy and Painting Society, and the Nanyang Shu Hwa She (书画社) were established in KL by Chinese residents. Over in Penang, the...

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Nicole Chang

has just completed her PhD programme at the Department of Development Planning and Management, School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia.