Public and Affordable Housing in Numbers

By Nicholas Chong, Ng Kar Yong

September 2018 STATISTICS
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The Penang state government places much emphasis on the development of public and affordable housing, aspiring to make owning a home possible for all households in Penang.In Figure 1, less than RM1mil was spent for low-cost housing in 2000. The allocation has been on the rise and is estimated to surge significantly to RM13.8mil in 2018, despite a noticeable slowdown in 2008-2009 – likely due to adjustments in the new administration.Currently, the state government runs two public and affordable housing...

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Nicholas Chong

is a board game enthusiast, novice magician, martial arts practitioner, and laksa fanatic. He claims to know all the best laksa spots in Penang.

Ng Kar Yong

is a statistician at Penang Institute who loves art and nature.