Sharing Saved Stories Saves Identities

By Carolyn Hong

September 2018 FEATURE
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A pre-war shophouse in Kajang.
Tales of Kajang’s history link its people together.Whenever Malaysians think of Kajang, they think of satay. People come here to eat satay, and in turn, satay shops here have expanded to other parts of Malaysia.Lee Kim Sin.“Well, satay is one part of Kajang’s history,” says Lee Kim Sin, 64, as we sat down to a meal of what else but sticks of smoky chicken skewers dipped in spicy peanut sauce.It is admittedly a delicious heritage.Relatively few, though, know about the...

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Carolyn Hong

lives in Ba Kelalan sometimes, in KL sometimes. A former journalist who once chased the big stories for a regional newspaper, she now hunts for the small stories in Malaysia’s smallest places.