Twilight Time for a Once-Vital Village Industry

By Stephanie Kee

September 2018 FEATURE
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Dhoby Ghaut is where Penang's last traditional Indian laundry service operators are located.
Access to this article is open until September 25, 2019. For unlimited access to our archives, subscribe here.Surrounded by a quaint mix of 1980s terrace rows, mint bungalows and semi-detached houses, the unassuming Dhoby Ghaut village can be found at the confluence of Waterfall River and Air Itam River. The village, also known as “Vannan Thora Tedal”, was home to over a hundred traditional Indian laundry service operators in its heyday.Today, only seven are left.“Dhoby Ghaut” is derived from the Hindi words...

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Stephanie Kee

Going against the grain, Stephanie Kee moved from bustling KL to laid-back Penang, where the "creative pulse" is said to be. With no prior background in the arts, she dove headfirst into exploring the complexities of a flourishing local arts scene, only to discover there’s more to Penang than meets the eye.