Prominent Mosques of Penang: Serving Communities Throughout the State

By Nidhal Rawa

September 2018 FEATURE
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Masjid Batu Uban.
Penang’s mosques, apart from serving the communities around them, have unique identities. They may vary in size and location, but all carry the same message: Islam Rahmatan Lil Alamin – Islam is merciful to all mankind.Masjid Batu Uban.Masjid Batu UbanLocated at Batu Uban, Masjid Jamek Batu Uban is the oldest mosque in Penang. It was built in 1734, decades before the arrival of Captain Francis Light to Penang.The mosque was built by noble Minangkabau who had fled Sumatra because of...

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Nidhal Rawa

is just an ordinary man who works as an analyst at Penang Institute. He is inspired by the unique diversity of cultures that exist in Penang.