Living in George Town: Even Deep Roots Eventually Move

By Julia Tan

September 2018 FEATURE
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30, Stewart Lane is home to (at least) three generations.
There may be an abundance of media reports on evictions and “Disney-apocalypse” in George Town, but the reality is actually much less dramatic.30, Stewart Lane. The house has been in the family since 1954, or thereabouts. It was built much earlier of course – Stewart Lane being part of an old quarter – and was purchased by my great-grandfather to house his multiplying progeny a year after my father was born. (He was born on Leith Street, at the school...

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Julia Tan

went to primary and secondary school at Convent Pulau Tikus before continuing sixth form at St. Xavier’s Institution; any other school was out of the question. She misses the fried rice at the school canteen, and laments the passing of the wan tan mee lady.