Education in Numbers

By Yeong Pey Jung

August 2018 STATISTICS
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Pre-school education is considered optional in Malaysia. The number of registered private pre-schools slightly outweighs that of the government pre-schools, accounting for 54.8% of all kindergartens in Malaysia. In Penang, private kindergartens make up 73.2% of the state’s kindergartens, with 70.0% of total pupils attending private kindergartens, compared to the national percentage of 60.5%.1 The student-teacher ratio is often used to measure a teacher’s workload and allocation of resources. While Malaysia has an overall student-teacher ratio of 11.6 in primary...

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Yeong Pey Jung

is a senior analyst with the Socioeconomics and Statistics Programme at Penang Institute. She is a reading enthusiast and is surgically attached to her Kindle.