Malaysia’s Oldest Pipe Organ Is Back In Shape

By Carolyn Hong

October 2016 FOOTPRINTS
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The pipe organ is a century old, manufactured in 1914 and installed in 1916.
The restoration of the century-old pipe organ of George Town’s Church of the Assumption has been a labour of love for a community.We heard footsteps climbing cautiously on the narrow stairway of the church, and soon, a tall Dutchman emerged onto the upper floor of the Church of the Assumption in George Town.He smiled at us. He wasn’t lost, as we initially thought. This tourist had deliberately made his way up here because he wanted to see the church’s century-old...

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Carolyn Hong

lives in Ba Kelalan sometimes, in KL sometimes. A former journalist who once chased the big stories for a regional newspaper, she now hunts for the small stories in Malaysia’s smallest places.