Bukit Juru’s Short but Charming Trail

By Louise Goss-Custard

October 2016 PEAKS AND PARKS
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A little-known path up Bukit Juru’s 646 steps is a rewarding experience – one that is incomplete if you do not take the opportunity to sample the deliciously fresh seafood nearby.Shady trail at summit.A little curiosity about lesser-known hiking trails in Seberang Perai – apart from the Bukit Mertajam trail – and some Googling led me to the 646 steps of Bukit Juru. For me, Juru meant the modern buildings of the shopping centre, Autocity, usually zoomed by on the...

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Louise Goss-Custard

is editor of the Penang Free Sheet (www.penangfreesheet.my), co-organiser of Open Studios Penang, and a keen flautist who plays with Penang’s best Irish band, the DramBand (www.facebook. com/DramBandPenang) and several local orchestras.