It's Time to Cycle to Commute!

By Regina Hoo

October 2016 FEATURE
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Datuk Dr Lim Seh Guan (centre) and a group of commuter cyclists participating in Bike on Friday (BoF) to promote the use of the recently constructed Phase 1 dedicated cycling lanes.
Apart from being a healthy habit, cycling is a feasible, carbon-friendly way of commuting. Penang Monthly explores the possibility of commuter cycling in the state.Penangites are taking to cycling like ducks to water. Granted, some have been doing it their entire lives while others are just beginning to get on the bandwagon, but what both parties have in common is the wish for better cycling infrastructure.This might not be that far away as Phase 1 of the island’s East Coast...

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Regina Hoo

is the deputy editor of Penang Monthly.