Halal: An Industry with a Bright Future

By Ooi Kok Hin, Nidhal Mujahid

November 2016 COVER STORY
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It makes good business sense today to “go halal”. But managing expectations and perceptions is always a challenge.For eight years now, the Penang International Halal Hub (better known as Halal Penang) has been setting the trend for the halal industry both domestically and beyond. More than half a billion ringgit worth of investments has flowed into the state’s halal industry since 2008, leading the state government to convert prime industrial land in Bukit Minyak into the Penang Halal Industrial Park.Datuk...

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Ooi Kok Hin

is an INTP who lives to write and writes to live. Follow him at https:// www.facebook.com/ ooikokhin.

Nidhal Mujahid

is just an ordinary man who works as an analyst at Penang Institute. He is inspired by the unique diversity of cultures that exist in Penang.