Imagined Communities, Real Women

By Carolyn Hong

January 2017 FOOTPRINTS
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Rusaslina Idrus (left) presenting on women in national history, and Ezrena Marwan.
A group of young dreamers encourage discussion through talks and storytelling and in the process, seek to reimagine Malaysia.AdvertisementExpelled from school at 14 for social activism and then going on to set up a fiery women’s group; leading a march for independence because no one else would step up to do so. These acts are powerful stories in themselves, but even more so because they involved women at a time when they were largely invisible: the time of pre-independence Malaya.But...

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Carolyn Hong

lives in Ba Kelalan sometimes, in KL sometimes. A former journalist who once chased the big stories for a regional newspaper, she now hunts for the small stories in Malaysia’s smallest places.