Men Who Ran PFS and Inspired Generations

By Louise Goss-Custard

October 2016 FEATURE
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Throughout its 200-year history, Penang Free School has seen many illustrious headmasters come and go – but among the best known (and loved) were three visionaries.Penang Free School (PFS) celebrates its bicentennial on October 21. This venerable institution has churned out generations of leading Malaysians: “Old Frees” include Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia; Dr Wu Lien-Teh, founder of the Anti-Opium Association in Penang and fighter against the bubonic plague; and Datuk Eddy Choong, four-time winner of...

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Louise Goss-Custard

is editor of the Penang Free Sheet (, co-organiser of Open Studios Penang, and a keen flautist who plays with Penang’s best Irish band, the DramBand (www.facebook. com/DramBandPenang) and several local orchestras.