Managing Changes in Tanjung Tokong

By Nidhal Mujahid

March 2017 FEATURE
main image
Fishing boats dock nearby a series of luxury condominiums.
Amid Penang’s new skyscrapers and the ubiquitous sea lies a village that is like no other.It is one of the oldest villages in Penang. Known as Mukim 18, Tanjung Tokong was already a fishing settlement decades before Francis Light came to Penang.“A long time ago, fishermen from Tanjung Tokong were already recognized for their traditional methods of large catches using fish traps like jermal and rumbia. These methods are no longer practised nowadays,” says Mohd Ishak Abdul Rahman, a fisherman...

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Nidhal Mujahid

is just an ordinary man who works as an analyst at Penang Institute. He is inspired by the unique diversity of cultures that exist in Penang.