Between Worlds, Contemplating Impressionism

By Ooi Kok Chuen

February 2018 PENANG PALETTE
main image
Raden Saleh – Lion Hunt.
Good things come in twos, as a “2-in-1”, in what is the National Gallery Singapore (NGS)’s current art-peritif, under the banner of Century of Light.One, an original script called “Between Worlds: Raden Saleh and Juan Luna”, brings together for the first time two South-East Asian art titans who made their mark in nineteenth-century Europe.Raden Saleh – Shipwreck in Storm.The other, “Colours of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musee D’Orsay”, is a neat repackaging of selected works by iconic artists with an...

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Ooi Kok Chuen

is an art-writer and journalist, and the author of MAHSURI: A Legend Reborn (Ooi Peeps Publishing), an adult contemporary fantasy “movel” (a novel conceived as a mock movie) spun from a local legend.