Inspirational Lessons From Tony Fernandes

By Yeoh Siew Hoon

February 2018 BOOK REVIEW
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Book Review – Tony Fernandes: Flying High: My Story: From AirAsia to QPR. Penguin, 2017.He has seemingly made the impossible, possible; and has kept his humility and unabating zest to fly higher – as revealed through his candid memoir.It was fitting that I was flying high on a United Airlines flight to San Francisco when I read the new book by Tony Fernandes, group CEO of AirAsia, as he told of his journey from his low-cost airline to QPR (Queen’s...

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Yeoh Siew Hoon

is the founder of WIT, a media and events company specialising in online travel. She loves to write and she loves to travel. And oh yes, she loves gadgets.