Eco-engineering Penang’s Coastline

By Chee Su Yin

February 2018 FEATURE
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There has been much success in turning Grey to Green.As the human population rises, coastal areas become increasingly developed: more than 40% of the world’s population and 60% of the world’s largest cities are within 100km of the coast; by 2025, 70% will be living within 200km of the coastline.Over half (17 out of 30) of the world’s largest cities are located in this zone. Asia, in particular, has shown some of the greatest intensification of coastal development, with 20...

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Chee Su Yin

Dr Chee Su Yin is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies. Born and bred in Penang, she has made it her goal to discover novel approaches to develop coastal areas in a sustainable way in order for the ecosystem and the community to co-exist in equilibrium.