Growing Old and Staying Young in a Brave New World


The ICT revolution has been taking place all my adult life: I bought my first home computer in 1990 when I was 35, my first mobile phone a decade later, and then my first smartphone about a decade after that. I am already into my fifth or sixth model now, and am both painfully and pleasantly dependent on it.

Of course, all these innovations were continuations of a global trend that has been going on ever since capitalism – riding on the back of the scientific revolution – let loose human technological ingenuity. And conceit, I should add.

But in exploring the possibilities of the science of electronics as successfully as humanity has done in the last few decades, we are now at a point where anything seems possible. What this also means, of course, is that we are fully convinced that our daily life will continue to be altered by hand-held devices, network bandwidth, cloud services, search engines, and smarter and smarter algorithms.

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