Enough With Penang Food Already! What About the Drinks?


Yes, Penang has amazing food, be it fusion or hybrid, street or mall, traditional or accidental. And yes, it has amazing desserts too, like the Penang Road teochew chendol for one. Even the age-old ais kacang. Even the humble bebola ais. And don’t get me started on the nutritionally incorrect kuih, be it kuih Melayu or kuih Nyonya or any other crossbreed. The list is endless for those of us who live to eat.

And then there are the hawker drinks.

The variety of drinks you find at a typical Penang coffee shop clearly matches and may even surpass the variety of food dishes. In both cases, the bold and innovative search for new make-me-rich-quick concoctions is revealing of the Penang brand of entrepreneurism.

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