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Malaysia’s first public-sharing bicycle system, LinkBike, was launched in 2016. Within a year, the cheerfully blue bicycles have become a common sight on the island, placed at 25 stations (at the time of writing) from Tanjung Tokong to Bayan Lepas.

A One-Day Pass for the bicycle rental costs only RM2. The user then pays RM1 per hour, with a 30-minute free ride per session. Longterm passes are available at very affordable rates. For the One-Day pass, you will only be charged on your credit card after 24 hours – once your package validity is over.

Getting started:
1) Download the LinkBike app on your phone.
2) Follow the steps to sign up.
3) Pick your package: packages vary from One-Day passes to annual passes.
4) Choose your bike.
5) Click on the camera button on the app and scan the QR code at the dock station.
6) Click OK on your phone to release your bike.
7) Always use the bicycle lane where available.

Enjoy your ride! And remember to turn on the GPS on your phone. You can always check your location on the app and search for the nearest station. The app will also show you the number of bicycles available at every station.

When you are ready to return your bike, just slide it back to its dock at the station and wait for the acknowledgement to ensure it is locked.

1) There is a basket attached to the front of the bike for storing things, but do not leave valuables there.
2) The bell is located on the right handle, which rings when twisted.
3) Use the lock provided if you need to leave your bike unattended.
4) Rear lights are installed.
5) The seat can be adjusted according to your height by releasing the metal clip below it. For more comfort, the bike comes with basic suspension.

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