The City Stadium – Where Sports are Worshipped

loading The Grand Stand.

It has seen The Gunners play Malaysia’s finest 11, and Mohd Faiz Subri’s physics-defying free kick.

We do it at home, we do it at the mamak stall, we do it in front of the Astro store in shopping malls. Football matches are great fun to watch, but what’s more thrilling is to experience it at the stadium among die-hard fans.

And for Penangites, home ground is the historic City Stadium.

The Pride of Penang

Penang’s City Stadium is the oldest stadium in Malaysia. The site was originally a venue for official functions circa 1932. Construction of the stadium started after the Second World War and finished in 1948. It was then known as the Penang National Stadium. Further expansion and renovation followed until it was officially completed in 1956. It was considered the most modern and well-equipped stadium back then.

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