Being There for Needy Families


The Penang Family Health Development Association has been offering crucial help to infants, mothers and the aged since 1961.

The Penang Family Health Development Association (PFHDA), formerly known as the Family Planning Association, was established in 1961 to provide services exclusively for women’s health. Today, its primary mission is to be an effective NGO caring for community health, and promoting sexual and reproductive health rights in Penang. Their motto? “My Body, My Responsibility”.

According to PFHDA chairperson, Yeap Meng Chee, effective family planning helps women to achieve what’s best for their families. “We want to give time, love and care to our family. We want to give every child the highest possible education, adequate love, shelter and food. So women must be empowered to plan for the number of children they want, and when they want them,” Yeap says.

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