Climbing the Tiger

loading A scenic waterfall pouring into the Air Itam Dam.

Breath-taking sights await the Tiger Hill hiker – from its quaint waterfall and botanic delights to historic engineering marvels.

Penang Hill is a series of peaks separated by small valleys, rivulets and steep slopes, reaching its highest point at Western Hill. While some of these summits were named during Penang’s colonial days, other less prominent ones still remain unnamed and unnoticed.

The more famous peaks include Government Hill, Bukit Laksamana, Flagstaff Hill and Tiger Hill. Each of these peaks has an illustrious story to tell, but Tiger Hill in particular is one that exudes charm and fascination like no other. While its name may raise a red flag, rest assured, the closest thing to a tiger to be found on its slopes are probably the clumps of giant tiger orchids (Grammatophyllum speciosum) perched on the taller trees near the peak.

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