Rocking our Kopitiams

loading Penang's kopitiams come alive with music, dance and performances.

It’s another wrap for the popular music and art event Konsert Kopitiam, held in Penang’s most iconic and humble coffee shops to highlight local talent and preserve traditions.

Low plastic tables spill onto the five-foot way, while inside, patrons chat, slurp their noodles and sip their drinks.

It is a fond, familiar scene. “The kopitiam is a status symbol, a unique thing to Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a coffee shop with nasi kandar and food served on the side, and it has its own character. It’s also an iconic architectural and cultural landmark which never received the recognition it deserves,” says Cecil Rajendra, a poet and lawyer who has been running the Konsert Kopitiam series since 2014 as a corollary of the George Town Festival.

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