Art Heals – and Allows us to be Awed Again by Life


The rapper Barakah Blue seeks to spread positivity through poetry and music

Sufism may be perceived negatively in Malaysia for its mystical practices, but American rapper and poet Barakah Blue is not afraid to spread Sufi spiritual teachings through his poetry and music. Penang Monthly caught up with the spiritual rapper-poet when he stopped by Penang earlier this year for his Barakah Blue Malaysia Tour 2017, organised by the Crescent Collective in partnership with the US Embassy.

People are curious about your stage name. Can you enlighten us?
I get that question a lot. “Barakah” means blessing in Arabic, and blue is the colour of sadness and melancholy. So the idea of “Barakah Blue” is sort of like a blessed sadness, and I like it. It’s a message that life is a beautiful struggle.

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