An Ultimate Reference Guide to Penang Hill

loading Penang Hill – A journey through time by Mike Gibby. Entrepot Publishing 2017.

Photos and stories aplenty in this volume to fascinate any lover of the island’s highlands.

This comprehensive book will appeal to anyone who has plodded his or her way meditatively along a hill trail, or been driven in a buggy along Summit Road while asking themselves questions: what are these enormous boulders made from? Who lived in that bungalow and where did its name come from? Why are the hiker rest stops called “84” and “46”? What was the original purpose of the structure here, which is now just a pile of rubble strewn over the jungle floor? Penang Hill – A journey through time contains the answers to all of these, and many more facts and anecdotes which appeal to anyone susceptible to the charm of Penang’s Great Hill.

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