PSDC 3.0 - bridging the gap between Policy-making and industrial needs


Upgrading human capital is an endless process, especially in industrial hubs such as Penang. The talent pool has to improve and remain competitive. At its latest strategy meeting, the Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) had to act after discovering that worrisome old issues are still as relevant as ever.

IN MARCH 2010, members of the PSDC Management Council were in Phuket for its highly important bi-annual Offsite Meeting. Such gatherings are now a tradition and are held in quiet retreats away from Penang.

The typical process is a three to four-day closed-door session where industry leaders update the centre on on-the-ground issues and challenges and brainstorm on ways in which the PSDC is able to address them. Future trends are discussed along with ideas to prepare the workforce for them.

At the Phuket Offsite, two perennial issues took centre stage. The first was the deteriorating quality of fresh graduates especially in terms of communication skills, creativity and leadership.

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