Voicing George Town’s Many Mores

loading A street festival during the previous George Town Heritage Celebrations.

Living traditions risk being lost. Making them heard and documenting them is how GTWHI intends to save them.

We often take our traditions for granted. Whether it’s the food we cook during the festive seasons, the traditional games we play on the streets with neighbouring kids or the stories we tell each other, we tend to assume they will always be there long after we’re gone.

As general manager of George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI), Dr Ang Ming Chee cannot take anything for granted. Every year, GTWHI celebrates the city’s inscription as a Unesco World Heritage Site with the George Town Heritage Celebrations, a thematic celebration of the traditions that make George Town unique. Three years ago, the revelries were about traditional crafts. Two years ago, they were centred on festive foods – the delicacies we cook only on special occasions. Last year it was about traditional games.

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