Promise of things to come

loading Release by Tan Kai Sheuan, 80x80cm, oil on canvas.

Who in their twenties show promise and look like they can go the distance in the art sphere and not burn out for lack stamina or substance?

WHO ARE the emerging art stars of Penang? It's a tough call looking for artists in their twenties who have managed to show pizzazz, daring and redoubtable skills while still in their formative years. I mean those who already show oodles of outstanding quality in the concept, treatment and style of their works, with career vision and a dreamer's will to last.

A stringent vetting of potential candidates with anything remotely Penang yields only four names: Mun Kao, Ruzzeki Harris, Tan Kai Sheuan and Renny Cheng Sing Ching.

However, the self-taught Joey Lim Dang Chii shows glimmers of promise.

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