Some peace in store

loading In the midst a global economic downturn, Patsy Gooi has found her true calling.

Penang's claim to fame on the Unesco Heritage list is its unassuming but vibrant street life, propped up by old buildings. On such a stage, one of course finds many small entrepreneurs, old or new, whose daily life reflects the shifting fortunes of the city and the state. Patsy Gooi is one of them.

AT 52, Mrs Patsy Gooi has led a full life. Married with three grown children, she had everything she wanted. Or so she thought.

In 2009, during the economic downturn, this full-time housewife who had never worked before felt compelled to venture into retail. She opened a boutique, Kechara Paradise (KP) Penang, in Chulia Street, which showcases Himalayan arts and crafts, and specialises in exquisite and often unique Buddhist statues from India, Nepal and China.

The interior of her shop is elegant, beautiful and contemporary — a perfect reflection of Patsy herself.

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