Jazz – An Act of Liberation

loading The Cape Jazz Band.

No, jazz is not pretentious. It is good music – wildly good music. Experience it yourself at the Borneo Jazz Festival.

It is the sort of day you don’t want to end. The casuarina trees are dark against the cobalt blue of dusk, as is the Miri skyline. P. Ramlee’s “Getaran Jiwa” – the jazzed up version – fills the breezy air. Finger-plucked guitar strings and a sultry tempo alter and at the same time do immense justice to the song most Malaysians would be familiar with.

The sun finally dips below the sea, and the wells of the offshore oil platforms fire up orange against the black. It is all too soon – night enters, dazzling lights flood the stage and the music becomes heady. Let there be jazz.

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