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loading A batik painting from the Stone Flowers series.

Feeling well supported since his early years, Tay Mo-Leong ventured into the arts with a confidence and a curiosity that led to various successes. Innovative painting turned out to be as much about mastering esoteric techniques as it was about being inspired. Yet, everything Mo-Leong painstakingly learned over the years, he happily divulges to any who are interested

THROW A STONE and you would hit a few Datuks. The joke may be trite, but for artists, “Datukships” are exceptions to the rule. Still, Penang is one state that has conferred the coveted award on six of its visual artists, and all deservingly so.

Tay Mo-Leong is the latest. He is honoured for his immense contributions to art, particularly in advancing the batik-art medium, his prowess in water colours and his leadership and seminal role in art societies. In batik art, he’s known for innovating the double-resist technique, the cloisonné “stained glass” effect in batik and a calligraphylike stroke simulating Dunhuang rub-ons.

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