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LittIe Penang Street Market is one of those projects you wish you had thought of first. Be that as it may, it is hard not to enjoy the atmosphere and to wake around it with the child-like hope that you may walk away with some item you have always wanted to have, or meet a person that will change your life.

IN JUST OVER three years, one market in Penang has built up a cult following among Penangites and visitors, who are drawn to its eclectic mix of locally produced arts and crafts, cool atmosphere and surprising arts performances and book readings. The Little Penang Street Market (LPSM) is not your typical Penang pasar, chock-full of pirated DVDs, imitation EPL jerseys and cheap Thai trinkets.

We have to thank the passion the organisers have for promoting local craftsmanship and culture.

The market started in early 2006, when a small group of Penangites decided to put together a monthly street market as a platform to “nurture, promote and advance Penang's creativity and cultural diversity”.

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