New dynamics demand new directions


When resources are limited, new approaches to research are needed if the results are to be of the type that are not only useful but that also hold their own momentum. With global dynamics changing fast, new directions for research which promise higher efficacy are a pressing need.

When i took over as executive director for the Socio-Economic and Environmental Research Institute (SERI) 10 months ago, my goal was to bring the Penang think tank to new heights in conventional areas such as education, economics and the environment. The library also had to be upgraded, etc.

However, in order for SERI to emerge as a principal research centre in Malaysia and in the region, we have to consider how research trends can be expected to develop over the next five years. The institute holds great potential to become a centre of excellence in those few selected areas, and this can be expected to occur in sync with Penang’s resurgence.

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