Even for artists, it’s about location, location, location


Reading travelogues about one’s own home is always an exciting pastime. All the more profound is the experience when absorbing visual art created in one’s home by visitors, be they temporary or permanent. Penang holds an attraction for foreign artists that locals find hard to comprehend. Perhaps what is most obvious is what is most difficult to notice.

Strange how artists locate to places they may not expect to end up in. Penang is such a place for quite a few of them. This is the story of four expatriate artists now working there – Helen Kim Yeon Tae from South Korea, Susanna Helena Hernesniemi from Finland/Denmark, Femke Ligthart from Holland and Drew Harris from Canada.

Helen Kim moved to Penang four years ago as part of a soul-searching odyssey through South- East Asia, while Susanna and Femke followed their husbands on work/business commitments.

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