Qigong instructor promotes spontaneous health


Daily life exerts a toll on the individual. It is therefore not strange that different civilisations have developed different forms of relaxation to counteract the stress of high-speed living. “Qigong” is the generic term for all the various forms of physical relaxation practised by the Chinese. But it is more than a newfangled form of repose. It is meant to allow the body to take over from the mind. Nai Hai Huat spends his time teaching others how to relax their way to good health.

PENANG is the only state in Malaysia where people of Chinese origins form the majority of the population. It is inevitable that these immigrants brought with them major elements of their culture. Many of these traditions have continued to develop on new soil, shifting in form and practice along the way.

Among these is Jingong, a form of Qigong which is manifested in many forms and schools. Let’s take a look at one of its instructors. The form that he teaches has some unnerving qualities, and is quite a sight to watch. Practitioners allow their body to act out its “pulls” and “pushes”, as it stretches and twitches.

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